lol guys I was torrent serious sam 3 2011. but later now i bought serious sam 3 2013 ^^

Serious Sam 3 Pirated

Chat Torrent :

1. sonic30 : Game works but crashes every few minutes. Also the kamikaze scorpion is still there if you pick up a weapon. The torrent is legit but the crack is a piece of ****

2. kiki9970 : Im hoping this one won't crash every 5 minutes or so.Also in ALI213 version there is immortal scorpion after i pick up gun and kill kamikaze.

3. Cerebral222 : Game works but we will have to wait for a stable crack, one that won't freeze every 4-5 minutes. Game looks good though, works well with gamepad.

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Serious Sam 3 BFE NPC Cheater WTF? FAKE ALI213 scorpion (i pick up gun and kill kamikaze) скачать видео - Download