Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | Zombie Mod Gameplay | 5 Maps | DD Brooke
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Mod: Zombie Mod
Maps: zm_fun_park_v2, zn_abandoned_base, zm_roadside_hotel_v1_1, zm_playtime_v2 and zm_nm_town_karp
Difficulty/Stage: Survival
Host: ZombieNetwork
Server Name: ]=[ ZombieNetwork VII ]=[ Zombie Infection
Server Location: German
Server IP:
Slots: 40 slot Zombie Mod Server
Gun Usage: Unlimited ammo
Languages Spoken: Mainly English
Method: Steam - Valve Secured

Steam Community:

Video Quality: 1080P HD
Date Recorded: Various Dates
Time Recorded: Various Times
Played By: S.O.A.D/Castiel/Silas In-Game Names.

Recording Software: Bandicam.
Video Editing Software: Sony Vegas 12

Gameplay on various Zombie Mod Maps.

I do not take any credit for the maps being played on the recording, nor do I take any credit for the background used in the titles. I do not own either of these. I recorded the gameplay on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and nothing else.

If at any point there is a problem with the recording blame that on Sony Vegas or Youtube itself. I tried rendering the file several times, I either got a file that was too large for purpose or a file that was small in size but was awful quality or choppy. This is the best rendering file from the 5 different render settings I used. I have not used Sony Vegas in a while, so rendering is not my strong suit.

The reason I put map gameplay together was because I don't find Zombie Mod to be as attractive as Zombie Escape. One Zombie Escape map if done properly can outsmart any Zombie Mod Map available.

Zombie Mod maps are also much smaller in size so throwing 4-5 maps together doesn't really affect uploading time. As most Zombie Mod Maps are pretty boring, I thought it was a good idea to put three, four, five maps into one gameplay, recorded separately of course. That way it's not just one repeated boring map.

The video length is long I can admit that, but it does give the Zombie Mod fans a chance to see different map gameplay.

The maps included in this gameplay are Playtime, Fun Park, Nm Town Park, Roadside Hotel and Abandoned Base.

My personal favourite being the Roadside Hotel map mainly as I find it to have a cool graphic design for a small map. The map also has a few places where you can hold for a lengthy period of time without dying therefore increasing the amount of kills you can get as a human.

Playtime is overrated. Many on the server believe this is probably the best map, I strongly disagree. I find it boring and lego like maps are not to my liking.

Abandoned Base is a really small map. Is very limited to what you can do. Easy to kill zombie targets, hard for the zombies to kill you, whole point is to kill the zombies but this map can come across as boring.

Nm Town Karp is a simple design. Decent enough graphics but boring hide out spots.

Fun Park is a pretty good map. Several cading areas you can spend time in, if there are no edgers you can do pretty well. Underground area, barricaded areas etc. I enjoyed this map.

If I can ever be bothered recording Zombie Mod gameplay again I would at some point upload the Battleforce Panic CSGO map, the Office Space CSGO map and the ZM Parish Map.

Most if not all maps above have been on CSS for years but I'm a Zombie Escape fanboy so I only ever really played Zombie Mod in the very early days before Zombie Escape.

I will be upgrading the hardware in my machine in the next few weeks so I hope for much smoother gameplay without any signs of interference or lag. I also hope to sort out some permanent rendering settings on Sony Vegas as I may plan to make Zombie Escape/Zombie Mod movie videos as I have done on past accounts in the future on CS:GO. I may also switch to Fraps recording software once I get these hardware upgrades.

Anyway thanks to those who do watch. As I have said many of times I don't advertise for subscribers or viewers, but I do appreciate the guys who do find these videos on the internet and watch them. Hopefully everyone enjoy them and don't feel they have wasted a chunk of time clicking on the videos I upload only to be disappointed. - DD Brooke

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